MAC Panamá

MAC Panamá

Finding the path to relevance and trust

Year-long in-house consulting project for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC Panamá) with support from the Fundación Heurtematte. Improved audience development, branding, and communications strategies, building trust with local communities that led to a 106% increase in general audience attendance.

working side by side with the executive director, the main goal of the project was to strengthen the institutional program, develop a new business approach and build trust among the local creative community.

Internal processes achievements include:

* General counseling to the executive director.
* Enhanced team collaboration with online tools including Basecamp and Google Drive.
* Implemented software to collect better visitor data.
* Team training for welcoming visitors and enhance donations.

Business achievements include:

* Analysis: data collection/business performance.
* New business model and sponsorship strategy.
* Created special fundraising projects.

Branding achievements include:

* Focus groups sessions with the local community.
* Developed the museum’s Brandbook.
* Produced audience targets for service design.
* Brand coherence: worked to remove older versions of the brand at the museum’s space.
* Musem signage.
* New tone of voice on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp.
* New website: planned, organized, researched and selected theme, designed, programmed and made general setup.
Produced digital media.
* General art direction.


“Excellent curated content for understanding the impact of new technologies in museums.
A must-read for anyone interested in culture”.
Beto Largman

Promo video of the event “Circular”, art+music+food+DJ’s bringing new audiences to the museum.

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