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Emerging discussions on the future of museums

The Reprogram series investigates the changes in museums around the world from a collection of essays, articles and lectures transcripts of some of the most influential museum thinkers of our time. It is a collaborative effort of shared content and publishing made possible by crowdfunding.

The second volume of the series, Technology, innovation and culture in a new era of museums, is a collection of essays, articles and lectures transcripts featuring emerging discussions on open access to collections, ethical stances the institution faces in accounting for the demands of society, and shifts in understanding the public value of museums. 

The first edition of the series, Communication, branding and culture in a new era of museums, also made possible by crowdfunding, is also available in english for free download in both PDF and electronic book  (iPad, Kindle and other readers).

If you want to join in and propose a translation to other language get in touch.

“Excellent curated content for understanding the impact of new technologies in museums.
A must-read for anyone interested in culture”.
Beto Largman

Promo video of the book “Reprogram: technology, innovation and culture in a new era of museums” featuring Susan Chun, Merete Sanderhoff, Koven Smith and Don Undeen.

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