O Fator VDM / El Factor VVM

A guide for disaster prevention on creative projects

It doesn’t matter if you hired a small office or an imposing agency: creative service providers can be either heaven or hell on earth. As a result, for every success story there are a thousand stories of missed deadlines, cost overruns and where the end result was not as you expected. Shit just happens.

If things went wrong at some point do not beat yourself up: you are not alone. But there are ways of preventing disasters. O Fator VDM (translated to Spanish as El Factor VVM), engage designers, content producers, marketing and communication managers in the perils of creative projects. This guide shows the ways for clients and creative professionals to establish a common project culture and produce good results.

“Dynamic and informal language, makes it very fast, pleasant and fun to read”.
Design Week

Promo video of the book “O Fator VDM” featuring Billy Bacon and Ricardo Leite.

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